Vib Pro HD

Vib Pro HD


The VIB PRO HD Training Course has been created to give every participant the practical experience required to run and

maintain the VIB PRO HD System. It is a participation course that consists of theory, practical examples, individual practice, and

discussions. The course is flexible and can be tailored to the individual experience and needs of the participants.


The course has been prepared with the assumption that participants have prior seismic acquisition experience, understanding and familiarity with personal computers.

Day 1

1. Vibrator Mechanical Overview

2. Vibrator Control Loops

3. VIB PRO HD System Overview

Day 2

1. VIB PRO HD Operations

• Setup Menus

• Firmware Upgrade

• Zero-Time Adjustment

2. VIB PRO HD Software Package

• Sweep Generation

• Source Signature Program

• VSS-to-SEGY Conversion

Day 3

1. Encoder Program

2. Recording Truck Interface and Polarity Test

3. Wireline Analysis

4. Radio Similarity Analysis

5. Master - Slave Operation

6. Differential GPS System Setup

Day 4

1. Quality Control Module

2. Course Summary and Q&A

3. Final Exam

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