The Quantum recording system is based on a wireless platform without radio infrastructure. Deployed worldwide in a variety of challenging environments, showcasing its ability to reduce footprint and improve operational efficiencies.

Quantum’s single-point sensor node offers a large surface area and a strong geophone spike and can be buried to improve coupling and reduce environmental noise.

Supporting external geophone strings and marshphones allows you to seamlessly integrate to a project where infrastructure or the environment can be challenging. And it is all handled in a single user-friendly interface through INOVA’s iX1 control system.

Meet HyperQ

INOVA Launches HyperQ long-range communication in break-through Middle East Sale

Operational Benefits

You asked for a lightweight, ultra-low power, broadband autonomous node system. We delivered Quantum.

A quantum leap for the industry, this nodal system offers some unique features to conduct high-resolution, wide azimuth seismic surveys and with the highest productivity.


  • All-inclusive node complete with battery, sensor, GPS and local data storage (8 or 16GB options)
  • High instantaneous dynamic range (127 dB) that improves the signal-to-noise ratio
  • One node = 650 grams
  • Bluetooth enabled field data QC
  • 5 Hz or 10 Hz geophone option


The Quantum wireless sensor network is powered by INOVA's’s iX1®️ software, an operating system for seismic acquisition that simplifies field operations and greatly reduces the inefficiencies of master/slave hybrid programs.iX1 consolidates source control and spread management into one comprehensive view for the Observer. It also enables single command and control over hybrid nodal and cable-based operations between G3i®️HD and Quantum or Hawk. Best of all, the iX1 console offers a module for nodal data downloading, transcription and management. One platform does it all.

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Faster Deployment

Faster Deployment

No need to connect an external battery or geophone string, and no magnetic swiping to power on the unit. Simply twist, verify the status via LED indicator, plant upright and go. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Easy QC

Easy QC

HyperQ™ enables Quantum nodes to communicate wirelessly to a central location and send operational status of the unit.

Battery Management

Battery Management

50 days of continuous recording or 100 days of 12-hour recording -our ultra-low power design makes life easier for your crew. When a unit needs to be charged,you simply place it in the charging rack and within 3 hours, you’re back in business.

A Better Image

A Better Image

Quantum offers high dynamic range (up to 127 dB). The dynamic range of an instrument indicates the strongest and weakest signals that can be recorded without distortion. With Quantum, an analog signal is almost immediately received and converted to digital at the time of recording. This improves the signal-to-noise ratio, reduces the risk of ambient noise contamination on the record, and provides the necessary range to capture high-quality broadband data.

G3i HD Cable System Integration

G3i HD Cable System Integration

Two systems, one dataset -beautiful harmony. Say goodbye to the frustration of managing two recording systems for the same survey. INOVA’s G3i HD and Quantum are fully integrated so you can deliver one seamless SEG-Y or SEG-D dataset to your clients. The onboard iX1 software in all Inova recording systems allows you to manage the entire spread, and reflects both cable and nodal ground units on a single, intuitive display. Observers have full command and control over operations, so they can quickly QC and manage data, sources and spread diagnostics in one location.

Mixed Source

Mixed Source

It’s common to have surveys over a large area where terrain varies and dictates the use of vibs or dynamite. Quantum supports both energy sources and offers an intuitive source QC functionality through the onboard iX1 software.

HPVS Support

Quantum powered by iX1 software supports most high productivity vibroseis survey designs including dynamic slip-sweep, distance separated sweeping (DS3and DS4), independent sweeping (ISS) and HFVS.

Vib Logistics Management

Running several fleets of vibrators simultaneously poses significant HSE and source management challenges. Being able to visualize the locations of the vibrators on the spread requires onboard navigation systems that communicate directly with the recorder. Inova vibrators can be outfitted with Connex Viband Vib Pro HD which are fully integrated and supported in the Quantum central recorder.


INOVA's ultra-lite system comprises of a download + charge rack and a laptop based computer running the iX1 central system software.

With a capacity of 16 nodes per rack, the system can support up to 300 channels, ideal for small channel count systems. In addition, utilizing INOVA'S QC application for Android OS, status checks can be performed on units deployed in the field with ease.


INOVA's lite system comprises of an SPM LITE running the iX1 software and Quantum standard download racks with capacity of 16 or 48 units per rack.

The system can support up to 3000 channels, ideal for smaller 3D operations. In addition, utilizing INOVA'S QC application for Android OS, status checks can be performed on units deployed in the field with ease.


A standard system comprises of a common acquisition hardware platform with G3i HD including the Seismic Processing Module (SPM). Data download and Transcription is performed with TPM Rack , comprising of Transcription Processing Module, large memory capacity and up to 528 TB of data storage.

A Combined Processing Module (CPM) offers the SPM and TPM as a single system.

Quantum System Specs

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