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 BGP Leverages Quantum Nodal System to Maximise Project Efficiency
BGP Leverages Quantum Nodal System to Maximize Project Efficiency

BGP recently completed a large scale challenging project using the Quantum nodal system, maximising project efficiency. The project in China’s Sichuan Province was completed utilizing over 29,000 nodes and INOVA’s iX1 acquisition system.

 Data Download and Transcription in Nodal Seismic Acquisition Systems
Data Download and Transcription in Nodal Seismic Acquisition Systems
Dennis Pavel

Nodes have become a popular system architecture for seismic data acquisition due to the benefits of higher operational efficiency, lower downtime, lower HSE risk and lower environmental impact. Our very own Dennis Pavel discusses Data Download and Transcription in Nodal Seismic Acqusition Systems and the key steps involved in order to deliver seismic data.

 iX1 Delivering Seamless Dataset in Challenging Operations
iX1 Delivering Seamless Operations

BGP, a subsidiary of China National Petroleum Company, completed the first phase of a hybrid project in North East China, utilizing 22,000 G3i HD channels and 29,000 Quantum channels. Hybrid operations present a major geophysical and operational challenge for contractors in providing a seamless dataset of cable and cableless receivers. BGP overcame this challenge with iX1, the command and control platform included in every INOVA seismic acquisition system. iX1 allows INOVA cable and cableless systems to deploy and operate seamlessly, delivering a unified workflow for efficient hybrid operations.

 USC Georgia - UNIVIB
University of South Carolina Images Deep Targets Using INOVA's UNIVIB
Remarkable Source Energy Penetration Enables High-Quality Data Acquisition

The University of South Carolina (USC) and its research partners were commissioned by the US Department of Energy (DOE) to conduct a reconnaissance project in late 2013 to acquire data for a deep target of Jurassic/Triassic sediments within the South Georgia Rift Basin. USC contracted Bay Geophysical Inc., an experienced seismic service provider based in Michigan, to acquire 81 km of 2D seismic data for exploration of the southern Georgia basin. Bay Geophysical and USC researchers required a robust vibrator capable of generating high energy-force that can easily maneuver through Georgia's urban and agriculturally sensitive areas.

 Tesla Bear Creek
INOVA's Hawk® Autonomous Nodal System Soars To New Heights
GPerottjiencgt: t Bhe aJro Cb rDeoenkeS.CAN™

Tesla Exploration Inc. was awarded a 3D/3C project to explore 90 sq. miles of the High Plains near Cheyenne, Wyoming. Known as Bear CreekSCAN, the project location encompassed open prairies, rolling hills and scattered, cultivated fields. Unpaved and two-track dirt roads provided reasonable access to the survey area, making deployment and shooting easier for Tesla crews in this terrain. Because of the size of this largescale cableless acquisition project, Tesla needed a system that could withstand rigorous field usage, provide optimal operational flexibility and offer wireless QC capabilities for increased crew productivity.

 Tidelands Permian Basin
Tidelands Geophysical Explores Permian Basin with INOVA's Hawk® Nodal System
Hawk Captures Valuable Data on Untapped Hydrocarbon Reservoirs in Texas

Tidelands Geophysical explores the Permian Basin to locate untapped hydrocarbons reservoirs with the Hawk autonomous nodal system.

 Tesla Allegheny
Tesla Overcomes Allegheny's Complex Terrain with Hawk Nodal System
INOVA's Hawk System Swoops In and Captures the Marcellus Shale

 Tesla Rocky Mountain
INOVA's Hawk® Autonomous Nodal System Scales the Canadian Rockies
Willesden Green

Tesla Exploration Ltd. was selected for the Willesden Green 3D/3C seismic acquisition project, a winter deployment covering 260 sq km (100 sq mi) near Rocky Mountain House in Alberta, Canada. The project area encompassed a working oil field production area and unpopulated terrain with rolling hills and patches of dense evergreen forest. Unpaved roads offered reasonable access, but Tesla crews also required snowmobiles in off-road areas for greater efficiency in deployment and acquisition QC.

 BGP Testing
BGP Acknowledges G3i’s Performance During Tuha Oilfield Trials
INOVA’s New Land Technology Surpasses BGP’s Expectations

Geophysical service providers rely heavily on equipment manufacturers such as INOVA for integrated solutions that can support the smallest 2D projects to the largest most complex 3D high productivity Vibroseis (HPVS) operations. BGP, a subsidiary of China National Petroleum Company and the world's largest land seismic contractor, continually seeks cutting-edge seismic technology to maintain their competitive edge for providing high quality data acquisition services. BGP's numerous seismic crews operate across the globe in all types of challenging terrains and extreme weather conditions, and require a stable, easy-to-use recording system that can perform in the toughest seismic programs.

 Tesla Testing
Tesla Evaluates the Hawk System for Usage in the Marcellus Shale
INOVA’s Autonomous Node Proven Successful During Field Tests

Challenges across the industry are forcing operators to find innovative approaches and evaluate their acquisition technologies more closely. In order to compete in the land seismic industry, geophysical providers require equipment capable of overcoming a diverse range of operational demands and environmental obstacles. Surface infrastructure and obstructions add a myriad of challenges for crews who must achieve high levels of productivity while producing the data integrity their customers demand.

 BGP Ma 131 Well 3D
BGP Sets New Acquisition Record in China with INOVA's 63,000 Channel G3i® System
Getting the Job Done. Project: Ma 131 Well 3D

In many regions of the world, the majority of geophysical service providers continue to use cable-based acquisition technologies for conducting the simplest 2D to the largest, most complex 3D surveys. Crews have equipped themselves with the most advanced cable-based systems on the market to take advantage of their unmatched reliability and accuracy in providing real-time data acquisition. As the seismic industry demands higher quality data at lower operational costs, acquiring high-density sampling with High Productivity Vibroseis (HPVS) is becoming more favorable. However, these projects introduce extreme challenges in managing equipment, personnel, logistics, and achieving desired productivity levels.

 GeoGloball Yakutia
GeoGlobAll Surveys Yakutia's Frozen Taiga with INOVA's G3i Recording System
G3i Overcomes Siberia's Harshest Subzero Temperatures Unscathed

G3i Overcomes Siberia's Harshest Subzero Temperatures Unscathed – The GeoGlobAll Group, a leading oilfield service provider in Russia, has been exploring the Russian republic of Yakutia for many decades. In 2012, OJSC YakutskGeofizika (YGF), a wholly owned subsidiary of GeoGlobAll, was awarded a contract to perform several 2D seismic surveys near the Arctic Circle. They needed a new acquisition system that was highly reliable, easily deployable and consumes minimal power to reduce battery changeouts. In Yakutia, temperatures below -50°C (-58°F) are common during the winter months, which makes the need for rugged and weatherized acquisition equipment essential. With temperatures this extreme, minimizing the time the crew was exposed to the elements was a priority during the seismic operatio

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