iX1 Delivering Seamless Dataset in Challenging Operations

iX1 Delivering Seamless Operations

BGP, a subsidiary of China National Petroleum Company, completed the first phase of a hybrid project in North East China, utilizing 22,000 G3i HD channels and 29,000 Quantum channels. Hybrid operations present a major geophysical and operational challenge for contractors in providing a seamless dataset of cable and cableless receivers. BGP overcame this challenge with iX1, the command and control platform included in every INOVA seismic acquisition system. iX1 allows INOVA cable and cableless systems to deploy and operate seamlessly, delivering a unified workflow for efficient hybrid operations.

Segment Land Seismic Acquisition
Region China
Technologies G3i HD and Quantum
Related Products G3i® NXT Quantum®

The Challenge

Geophysical service providers rely heavily on equipment manufacturers such as INOVA for integrated solutions that can support the smallest 2D projects to the largest most complex 3D high productivity, mega channel Vibroseis (HPVS) operations.

BGP, a subsidiary of China National Petroleum Company and the world's largest land seismic contractor, continually seeks cutting-edge seismic technology to maintain their competitive edge for providing high quality data acquisition services. BGP operate across the globe in all types of challenging terrains and extreme weather conditions, requiring technology that can perform in the toughest seismic programs and provide the highest efficiencies possible.

Hybrid operations present their own unique challenges. Hybrid is the use of mixed cable and cableless systems in surveys that span across varying field conditions such as foothills and mountains or natural obstructions such as lakes or rivers. Hybrid system deployments allow utilization of the most appropriate ground equipment for different terrains and enables better imaging by employing survey designs that address surface impediments.

Often, the mixed use of cable and cableless systems on a survey come from different equipment providers. This poses a challenge on several fronts, including the use of two central systems to program and deploy equipment, instrument filter type selections and source timing delay differences.

A major geophysical challenge to contractors with hybrid operations is providing a seamless integrated dataset, whether that it is in receiver or shot based domain. Mixed system types complicate delivery of data because it requires additional processing steps, often a time-consuming process.

G3i HD deployed in harsh field conditions

The Solution

iX1 is the command and control intelligence platform included in every INOVA seismic acquisition system. It is intuitive software that acts as the central hub for visibility and control of the seismic program that includes support for visualization, QC, data management, reporting and analytics. iX1 allows INOVA cable and cableless systems to deploy and operate in harmony, delivering a seamless workflow for efficient hybrid operations.

BGP deployed approximately 22,000 channels of INOVA’s G3i HD cable system and 29,000 channels of Quantum nodal system over the survey area which encompassed villages, water ways, bridges, spanning an area of 450 sq.km in snow and frozen ground conditions.

Recording crew operating the iX1 Software Platform

The Results

Harnessing the power of iX1, data recorded by the cable and cableless equipment was imported, sorted and output into a single dataset. When two recording systems are used, data would have to be output separately and merged at data processing, time consuming and requiring extra steps in the workflow. The iX1 software imports, sorts and merges all data, providing seamless data records incorporating G3i HD and Quantum into single receiver domain file, allowing BGP to overcome this major geophysical challenge and improve operational efficiency.

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