We know a thing or two about designing source controllers:

#1 Crew safety is always priority number 1.

#2 Energy penetration and high signal-to-noise ratio is paramount.

These two principles are ingrained in our engineering and manufacturing processes, and are the foundation of what make us the most trusted vendor for source controllers. That... and an amazing heritage.

In1969 Pelton Company (acquired by I/O in 2001) introduced the first solid state vibroseis controllers. One year later, Input/Output (I/O) released the SSS-200 and Synchrafone Series dynamite blasters. Today, the essence of these two companies is alive and thriving at INOVA, and evident in our Vib Pro HDand Shot Pro HD controllers.


I/O designs Seismic Source Synchronizer (SSS-200) and
Synchrafone Series dynamite blasters
Pelton introduces Advance I


Pelton releases Advance II & Vibra Chek
I/O creates the Series 300 dynamite blasters


Digital fundamental force is introduced by Pelton
Pelton releases Shot Pro
Vib Pro makes its debut


I/O acquires Pelton Company
Shot Pro II is introduced
High Frequency Technology is incorporated in Vib Pro
I/O is renamed to ION Geophysical
INOVA is formed as a JV between Ion and BGP
Vib Pro HDR Technology is released


INOVA commences collaboration with Seismic Source Co.
Vib Pro HD with LFL and HDR Control Technology debuts
Shot Pro HD is launched

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