Urban Operations

In the ‘urban jungle’, seismic life is hard. Managing and communicating with curious citizens and concerned local officials is one of the most important aspects of the entire operation.

  • Disruptions to daily life in the community must be minimized.
  • Working together with local authorities for permitting and licensing.
  • Keeping the crew safe, and getting equipment in and out of the region quickly is critical.
  • Strict adherence to environmental and regulatory requirements is crucial.

Every aspect of the operation has to be well-defined, planned and coordinated to curtail HSE exposure for both the crew and the community. Crews must be meticulous, nimble and diligent to complete their mission, or you may run the risk of inefficient operations or fines for violations of city ordinances.

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In urban environments, speed and accuracy are a necessity. Local communities need assurance their daily lives won’t be disrupted for extended periods of time. This means designing a minimally invasive survey using equipment that’s reliable, has a small footprint, and meets government-imposed restrictions is important. Here are a few helpful tips:

34,000 lbs of peak force

Where structural integrity of ancient artifacts, buildings, underground utilities or load-bearing infrastructure such as bridges are a concern, strict Peak Particle Velocity (PPV) requirements will limit the ground force and weight of seismic sources, namely vibrators. The UV2 delivers up to 34,000 lbs of peak force (operating at less force as needed can be controlled by the Vib Pro HD), and is still agile enough to maneuver on narrow streets, over bridges and through environmentally sensitive areas with minimal impact.

Small and Inconspicuous

Curious people often interfere with seismic operations by moving or tampering with ground equipment. Removal and theft are always a concern when operating in densely populated areas. The Quantum node is so small and inconspicuous that it can easily be hidden from sight which helps minimize disruption. It’s also 100% cableless and can run for 100 days of 12-hour recording before requiring a recharge and download.

Meets Emissions Requirements

If you are working in a city or region with vehicle emissions guidelines like in The Netherlands, you’ll need to ensure your vibrators are equipped with the appropriate model of engine. The UV2 can be outfitted with a variety of engine types to meet up to EPA Tier 4 final and EU Stage 4 emissions requirements.

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