Vib Pro HD

Two great brands. One smart box. Total control.

When INOVA and Seismic Source Co. joined forces to create the next generation vib controller, we gave acquisition crews a whole new way of operating.

A completely redesigned hardware experience, the new Vib Pro HD combines the loved features of intuitive buttons, large displays and compact casing from Seismic Source, with the intelligence and patented Harmonic Distortion Reduction (HDR), High Frequency Control, and Low Frequency Limit (LFL) technologies from INOVA. The new Vib Pro HD is also analog and digital radio compatible improving your ability to communicate with fleets in any environment.

  • Built-in WiFi to remotely program sweeps and download PSS data
  • Improved control resolution and force accuracy
  • Encoder and decoder capability
  • Low ground force mode for environmentally sensitive areas
  • Integrated VSS and PSS data management and storage (accessible through USB or ethernet)

The INOVA Advantage

The saying, “Garbage in Garbage out”, most emphatically applies to vibroseis operations. If you want the source signature to maintain a specific amplitude and phase, you’ll need to control how the vibrator delivers energy while managing harmonic distortion introduced during the sweep.

At minimum, a vib controller should keep a linear sweep within a steady phase and amplitude range so geophysicists have greater confidence that changes in recorded amplitudes are indeed a derivative of the geology. The Vib Pro HD not only achieves this consistency, but delivers patented technology designed to filter real-time harmonic distortion which improves the source signature and mitigates cross-contamination during simultaneous sweeping.

Additionally, we have implemented new algorithms that ensure vibrators are staying within +/- 10 degrees phase at the low and high end of the frequency spectrum. Traditional vib controllers can support an upper limit of around 120Hz, while at the lower frequency range (2-3Hz) phase distortion can exceed 30-40 degrees. These constraints make it difficult to capture broadband data used for inversion workflows.

Sadly, phase distortion is virtually impossible to remove during processing, and will present random time shifts in the data. INOVA’s patented controller technology helps vibrators deliver consistent energy throughout the duration of the sweep from <1 to 400Hz*.


  • Low Frequency Limit (LFL) ControlTM enables high force, low frequency linear sweeps to be performed using short tapers within the physical constraints of the vibrator
  • Patented Harmonic Distortion Reduction (HDR) ControlTM attenuates harmonic energy in real-time generating more fundamental force with lower distortion on each sweep
  • High Frequency ControlTM technology improves vibrator stability and sweep consistency beyond 120Hz.

Clarity and Control. Perfectly in Sync.

The combination of INOVA vibrators and Vib Pro HD helps crews deliver impeccable data quality while reducing vibrator fatigue.

Vib Pro HD ensures sweeps stay within phase and frequency, and are delivering the appropriate force without overdriving the vibrator. The new design is easier to operate on account of the large buttons and displays, and programming and data transfer can occur via WiFi, ethernet or USB. Best of all, Vib Pro HD supports a wide-variety of sweeps including high-productivity, simultaneous and independent shooting methods.

  • Includes patented Low Frequency Limit (LFL) and Harmonic Distortion Reduction (HDR) technologies
  • Integrated VSS and PSS data management and storage
  • Units can be programmed as an encoder or decoder
  • Can control up to 32 fleets as an encoder


The Quantum wireless sensor network is powered by Inova’s iX1 software, an operating system for seismic acquisition that simplifies field operations and greatly reduces the inefficiencies of master/slave hybrid programs. iX1 consolidates source control and spread management into one comprehensive view for the Observer. It also enables single command and control over hybrid nodal and cable-based operations between G3i HD and Quantum or Hawk. Best of all, the iX1 console offers a module for nodal data downloading, transcription and management. One platform does it all

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