The newest small-scale vibrator from INOVA, the UV2, delivers up to 34,000 lbs of hold down force and is still agile enough to maneuver through dense terrains and environmentally sensitive areas with minimal impact. The UV2 offers a high performance, 173 HP John Deere diesel engine that is available in Tier 3, Tier 4i, and Tier 4 Final options. The rugged engine provides enough power for the vehicle to navigate effortlessly through challenging terrains.

When the engine is combined with an emission reducing after-treatment technology, the vibrator becomes certified to meet EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage 4 emission regulations.

Broadband Ready.

If you thought a small vib wouldn’t be powerful enough to deliver high-force energy penetration, think again!

With a broadband frequency range of 1-400Hz, the UV2 is the ideal vibrator if you are operating in environmentally sensitive locations and want higher and lower frequency data. If you are imaging a deeper target or would like to run an inversion workflow, the low frequency data with greater fundamental force in the first octave is important. For shallow targets, the UV2’s ability to deliver enough force at the higher frequency range is an important distinction from traditional buggy vibrators that are limited to around 200-250Hz.

Image resolution and wavelet continuity improves with broader bandwidths, but many vibrators struggle to deliver enough ground force quickly to penetrate deeper layers of the subsurface. The mechanical design of the UV2 follows the same principles as our AHV-IVs whereby we have engineered every component to reduce and/or filter noise so the usable signal travels faster and farther.


  • Highest peak force energy penetration (26,000 lbs)
  • 2.7x stiffer baseplate than conventional small vibs provides better coupling
  • Harmonic distortion can be further reduced when combined with Vib Pro HD

Designed for small to mid-range source acquisition.

The UV2 makes operating and maintaining a vib fleet simple. An onboard CAN Bus computer system delivers real-time diagnostics so you can quickly assess vehicle vitals.

Maneuverability, low emissions and reliability are just a few reasons why the UV2 is one of the most popular in our portfolio. With several available options and a cab designed to keep operators comfortable, we’ve taken the driver’s seat in delivering the ultimate VibOps experience.

  • Safety, ergonomics and onboard diagnostics in a comfortable cab
  • Tier 3, Tier 4i or Tier 4 Final John Deere diesel engine options
  • Ideal for small to mid-range source acquisition operations
  • Can be fully integrated with VibPro HD to improve sweep QC, control and timing


All Inova systems contain a robust software called iX1 that consolidates source control and spread management into one simplified view for the Observer. Managing and visualizing source operations on a single system ensures higher quality imaging through better QC so sweeps are within the appropriate phase and frequency range.

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Common Options


The UV2 John Deere diesel engine can be configured to meet Tier 3, Tier 4i or Tier 4 Final regulations. With the addition of an after-treatment technology, the UV2 is certified to meet EPA Tier 4 and EU Stage 4 Final requirements.

Various Tire Options

The UV2 can be ordered with various tires, for example smooth tires for roads improves gas consumption whereas knobby tires are ideal for foothills, plains and arctic conditions where traction and maneuverability are required.

Slide-on Weights

One of the coolest features that aids in-field operations is the UV2’s slide-on weight option which allows operators to remove or add weight as needed. For example, a weight threshold below 34,000 lbs on bridges might prohibit crossing, however, the UV2s unique design enables weights to be added and removed when necessary.

UV2 Technical Specifications

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