INOVA announces sale of G3i HD to Mahaabala Geo Pvt, Ltd (MGPL)

Sep 17, 2019

INOVA Geophysical Equipment Limited announced today the sale of 5,000 channels of G3i HD, INOVA’s cable based land recording system to India based, Mahaabala Geo Pvt, Ltd (MGPL). The deal also includes six of the new INOVA ShotPro HD for use alongside the G3i HD acquisition system. The system will be used for providing 3D Seismic Data Acquisition Services to one of the logistically difficult terrain in the state of Tripura, India.

Mukesh Aggarwall, founder and chairman for MGPL commented, “With the experiences we had in providing support services to ONGC’s geophysical crews, we wanted to have rugged and reliable equipment for our first project which is reliable not only in logistically difficult terrains but can also withstand vagaries of weather in the work program area. After carefully evaluating options available in the market, we believe G3i HD is the ideal equipment which will not only have lowest downtime but will also minimize the total cost of ownership over the years due to its rugged metal design. We are pleased to have support from all quarters of INOVA management and staff.”

Carey Mogdan, Chief Operating Officer of INOVA, added, “We look forward to providing MGPL with a solution that meets their requirements and solidifies our partnership with a very promising provider of seismic services in India. I am confident that MGPL will be able to execute their first contract with our equipment and that MGPL will be able to tide over the challenges without any difficulties. INOVA’s reputation of providing excellent customer service and technical expertise in the industry will benefit MGPL immensely during their challenging operations.”

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