HyperSource: The next generation source communication

INOVA ‘s new innovative approach for G3i HD source communication, designed to overcome current radio technology limitations. HyperSource consists of several components that form a hybrid, wired and wireless communication network.

Source Access Module (SAM)

A SAM consist of radio equipment and other electronics and provides connection into a deployed G3i HD PSU.

The unit communicates to Source Vib Modules (SVM’s) in vibrators via radio then passes the messages over the G3i HD telemetry cable to the recording truck.

Source Vibe Module (SVM)

An SVM, installed in the vibrator truck, contains radios and interface electronics that communicate with SAMs in the field or with Source Base Modules directly if in radio range of the recorder.

Source Base Module (SBM)

SBMs contain radios and other electronics that communicate directly to SVMs in vibrator trucks that are in radio range of the recorder.

This is an optional system component when using the HyperSource solution.

Source Access Link (SAL)

A SAL is used in pairs to provide an optional point to point wireless link from a G3i HD PSU to a SAM which resides at the far end of the cabled telemetry link, typically outside of the G3i HD spread.

This is an optional system component when using the HyperSource solution.

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