Legacy Products

G3i HD®


INOVA sold over 800,000 G3i HD® channels that had proven high productivity and advanced quality control, which provided peace of mind to many operators. G3i HD®'s predecessor G3i NXT provides all the advantages of the G3i technology and is currently the lightest cable acquisition unit on the market.


  • Utilization – can be used for small 2D or very high channel count 3D operations​
  • Ease of Use – fully integrated with latest iX1 software platform​
  • Data Quality – accuracy and advanced quality control for peace of mind​
  • Productivity – advanced source techniques and high system reliability​
  • Integrated – ready for single sensor or hybrid operations (Nodal, TZ) ​
  • Low Cost – rugged components and stringent testing reduce TCO​



Hawk was one of INOVA’s first autonomous nodal system offering unprecedented flexibility through one set of ground electronics that can support analog or digital sensors and no radio infrastructure. The Field Station Unit can include up to 3 analog and 3 digital channels. The digital sensor interface is compatible with Accuseis and Vectorseis providing an array of channel and deployment configuration options with a single set of ground equipment.


  • Each Field Station Unit (FSU) stores up to 16GB of analog or digital sensor data
  • Bluetooth and WiFi enabled - no radio infrastructure required
  • Supports High Productivity Vibroseis Operations (HPVS) including slip-sweep, DS3, DS4and HFVS
  • Operational flexibility – Up to 3-channel analog geophones and INOVA digital sensors within the same field station



The UNIVIB was INOVA’s first small-scale vibrator that had the highest bandwidth for small class vibrators. This agile vehicle could navigate through dense terrains and environmentally sensitive areas with minimal impact.


  • Unmatched maneuverability in HSE constrained areas
  • Navigating within existing cut lines, and narrow roadways
  • Certification of emissions (Tier 3)
  • Rugged engine, durable frame, and serviceable design ensures long life and low cost of ownership

Aries II


ARIES II was one INOVA's initial cable-based seismic recording system designed for use in all environments.

  • Rugged - ground electronics are manufactured from bullet-proof polycarbonates, aircraft grade aluminum, and stainless steel
  • Reliable - ARIES Il is designed to maximize return on investment by reducing equipment related downtime and minimizing the impact of harsh environmental and operational conditions
  • Real - Patchview, a concept from users brought to life through innovation, enables intuitive, real-time, visual QC of more than 10,000 traces with 100% accuracy based on user-defined geophysical specifications for ambient noise, signal RMS, signal-to-noise ratio, and adjacent trace RMS comparison

ARIES II supports:

  • Vibroseis, dynamite, air gun, or mixed-mode operations
  • Efficient 2D, high-density 3D, time-lapse 4D or transition zone seismic programs
  • Mixed-receiver spreads of hydrophones, geophones or analog multicomponent sensors
  • Wireline shooting for areas with poor radio connectivity such as mountainous terrain or thick jungles and rainforests

AHV - VIV (PLS-362)



  • Up to 61,800 lbs of peak force and frequency limit of 1 Hz to 250 Hz*
  • Fully integrated with INOVA's Vib ProTM source controller for greater control, timing, and QC
  • Durable, rectangular baseplate reinforced to support long term field use in comparison with I-Beam structured baseplates
  • INOVA's Patented Pre-Loaded Stilt Structure prolongs the life of parts
  • Certified Roll-Over Protection
  • Articulated, Oscillated Steering
  • High Capacity Hydraulic Cooling

Technical especifications - PLS - 362 ACTUATOR

  • Shaker Model : P-Wave Vibrator; PLS-362
  • Peak Force: 275 kN (61,800 lb)
  • Frequency Limit: 1Hz to 250Hz*
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