BGP purchased over 52,000 Quantum® nodes for projects across 4 major regions

2月 19, 2023

BGP recently purchased an additional 19,000 Quantum nodes, which closed out 2022 with 52,000 Quantum nodes purchased for projects in Africa, Southern Asia, South America and the Middle East.

Quantum nodes in carriers

These sales included Quantum nodes enabled with external connectors and/or HyperQ wireless long-range QC communication. The external sensor connectors extend operations across a body of water while the HyperQ grants the operator visibility into node performance in areas of projects that are difficult to reach.

Quantum HyperQ tablet
Quantum's HyperQ tablet

Quantum’s HyperQ and external sensors allow customers to streamline and continue operations in various terrains. The Quantum nodes with external sensor connector will be deployed on floats in a tidal lagoon using marsh geophones, which allows receiver coverage in the transition zone without having to deploy a separate, specialized system. Quantum’s external connector enables the node to remain in communication above water while the sensor is submerged below.

Quantum external nodes in charging rack

“We are pleased to see a valuable customer employ Quantum’s HyperQ and external connector node,” INOVA’s Chief Executive Officer Carey Mogdan said. “BGP does an excellent job of implementing advanced technologies to achieve impressive results.”

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