Hawk HD

Hawk HD

The new Multi-tool of onshore seismic

Hawk HD is the latest generation nodal technology from INOVA that enhances on the previous generation Hawk nodal system, first introduced in 2012. Smaller and lighter than its predecessor Hawk, the HD node provides unmatched sensor flexibility and array of hardware improvements to survive the toughest terrains of today’s seismic operations.

I wish there was a nodal system that was flimsy, made data download excruciatingly slow, required separate equipment for digital and analog sensors, and used radio transmission...said NO ONE, EVER!

We believe a nodal system should be easy to operate, simple to deploy, highly durable and FAST! Having confidence in the recording and data quality when operating a nodal system is critical, so accessing and QC’ing the data must be as painless as possible. Hawk was designed with these two key considerations in mind.

Not only is it the fastest transcription process in the industry, but it’s also the only system that uses a single set of ground electronics to support analog or digital sensors. That means a single system can support almost any survey design and imaging requirements.

Say goodbye to poor equipment utilization rates, and hello to simplicity.

And did we mention that Hawk HD is fully integrated with G3i HD, our cable-based system? In addition is backwards compatible with Hawk.

You can combine two systems in any way necessary and run the entire operation from a single platform -delivering one SEG-Y or SEG-D formatted dataset to clients. Now that’s real value.


Excited about using a different computer and operating system to manage data download and transcription? Or using two separate recording systems for hybrid ops? We didn’t think so. All INOVA recording systems are powered by a robust software called iX1 that consolidates source control and hybrid system spread management into one simplified view for the Observer. We thought you might also like to see data download and transcription progress within the same software, so we created a module for that too. Can we get you anything else to make your system more enjoyable?

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Hawk HD System Specs


Sensors Supported 1,2, or 3 channel analog; 1 -3c Digital optional
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Data Storage 16 GB per FSU
Power Consumption Per FSU 155 mW (1-channel analog);190 mW (3-channel analog)
Weight Per FSU 0.9 kg (2lbs)
LED Status Indicator Station, Sensor, GPS, Battery
Wireless Communication Interface Wi-Fi
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