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iX1 is the command and control intelligence platform included in every INOVA seismic acquisition system. It is an intuitive software that acts as the central hub for visibility and management of the seismic program that includes support for visualization, QC, data management, reporting and analytics.

Operational Benefits

It’s long been a frustration for seismic crews to train observers on multiple software packages, and to create and manage a hybrid spread by master/slaving two systems. To help contractors gain greater visibility, control and efficiency, we created a common software platform for all of our systems that helps crews visualize the status and progress of the entire operation while reducing the inefficiencies and errors that often occur when master/slaving.

With several available modules under a single-user interface, teams can monitor and manage a variety of tasks with ease including Source QC, Seismic Processing, Transcriber Processing (for nodal operations), and overall survey operations

iX1 Highlights:

  • Common analog chip set and data recording format
  • Common zero phase filters, pre-amp gain and high-cut filters
  • Exact t-zero match to GPS 8mSec boundary
  • Single SPS output file encompasses both systems
  • Single computer and software for spread QC
iX1 At A Glance

iX1 At A Glance

The iX1 software is typically executed on two primary computers in the system; the Seismic Processing Module (SPM) and the Transcriber Processing Module (TPM). iX1 Acquisition software on the SPM is the command and control center of the system with unique QC and operational features designed to maximize productivity and conduct a quality seismic survey. The iX1 Transcription software executed on the TPM provides highly efficient data download from nodal stations, reordering the data and file generation to create receiver and shot gathers, outputting data per client requirements, data merge for hybrid systems and geophysical data QC.

Operational Management System

Operational Management System

iX1 Acquisition software running on the Seismic Processing Module (SPM) is used for command and control of deployed stations, either cable, nodal or hybrid spreads. In addition, iX1 software includes integrated source control software for all types of source production including dynamite, standard vibroseis and High Productivity Vibroseis (HPVS), including Slip-Sweep, DS3 and DS4 methods, defined by licensing options.

Source QC Module

Source QC Module

The Source QC module of iX1 uses information contained in the PSS and PFS data to provide production statistics and user-friendly production QC visualization. The program automatically switches modes to display PSS data for vibroseis operation and PFS data for dynamite production. This feature greatly simplifies mixed vibroseis/dynamite operations allowing both types of production to be managed from a single screen.

Transcription Processing Module

Transcription Processing Module

iX1 Transcription software is a complete data archive and QC computer used with the iX1 system for hybrid cable/nodal operations or purely nodal systems. TPM hardware includes a configurable RAID array constructed of Solid State Drives (SSDs) and Hard Drives (HDDs) for data storage,eSATA and high-speed USB interface for writing data to delivery media. Transcription software provides detailed reporting capabilities including trace recovery statistics, inventory management, correlation and geophysical data QC functions. The TPM computer connects to nodal stations loaded into customized download racks over high speed wired connection for fast data download.


The Ultra-lite system is ideally suited to small channel count Hawk or Quantum projects. The ultra-lite system provides the ability to perform acquisition and/or transcription functionality. The Quantum system is paired with a 16 unit Portable download rack to perform battery and data download.


The lite system is ideally suited to medium channel count G3i HD, Hawk or Quantum projects. For Quantum the computer system is paired with a 16 unit Portable download rack to perform battery and data download.


The standard system is suitable for high channel count G3i HD, Hawk or Quantum projects. Comprising of Acquisition and Transcription hardware, performing acquisition functionality such as receiver management, source acquisition and node data download.

High Capacity

The high capacity system is recommended for high channel count super crews requiring ultra-high productivity for G3i HD projects.

Features of iX1

Seismic Operational Management System Software and hardware elements for all aspects of vibroseis and impulsive source configuration, control, QC and monitoring.
Download and Data Management System Software and hardware elements for all aspects of nodal data download, transcription, system configuration, vibroseis correlation, QC, survey, layout and pick-up.
iX1 Map Module Used to define parameters for the 2D or 3D seismic survey including source/receiver coordinates and shooting template. The parameters can be imported from SEGP1, SPS or PRJ files, assigned as a sub-project.
Data QC Module Live traces are analyzed for RMS Signal, Noise, SNR. An observer can quickly and reliably QC tens of thousands of receiver points at a glance.
Source QC Module Uses information contained in the PSS and PFS data to provide production statistics and user-friendly production QC visualization.
In-field Operational Tools X1 Field software runs on purpose-built, portable computers designed for rugged field operations. The software includes the ability to synchronize data between field tools and the iX1 system. In addition, a user-friendly QC application is available for Andriod OS devices
Full Technical Specifications
Full Technical Specifications
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