What is Broadband Acquisition?

E&P companies are seeking solutions to understand geologic subsurface formations that are often deeper and more complex than before. Therefore there is increased demand for land seismic surveys that record a wider range of frequencies than found in conventional seismic exploration; that are wide azimuth, tightly sampled and achieve the highest productivity possible, often referred to as broadband.

While low frequencies are key for imaging deeper structures, improving the accuracy of the seismic inversion to the acoustic impedance process and enabling waveform inversion for velocity model determination or refinement, high frequencies are also beneficial for enhancing spatial and temporal resolutions. Broadband frequencies also add more octaves to substantially improve processing and interpretation techniques such as full waveform inversion which ultimately deliver the highest quality results needed by oil companies to assess the potential of their expensive assets.



The INOVA Clarity Broadband Solution™

In order to support these efforts, technologies that produce higher data quality and richer characterization of the earth’s surface are needed. Delivering broadband data from a seismic survey requires that all technology components, such as the source, recording system and sensors work together with the same end goal.

With the INOVA Clarity Broadband Solution, INOVA offers operators a “one-stop shop” for flexible, reliable and rugged seismic equipment that provides the full-spectrum broadband capabilities the industry needs in order to understand these deeper and more complex formations. Our solution leads the seismic industry in providing cutting-edge recording equipment, performance-enhanced vibrators, High Productivity Vibroseis (HPVS) support for large scale, high-density projects and proprietary digital sensing technology. Our proven source generation products, digital sensors and recording systems have successfully helped operators worldwide get the best results possible from their acquisition programs.



Unmatched Vibrator and Controller Technologies

  • AHV-IV Commander (PLS-364) – INOVA’s most advanced vibroseis vehicle can consistently generate 70% of the maximum peak force of 61,800 lbs in a frequency range of 1 Hz to 250 Hz, and includes design innovations such as a new baseplate that is 2.5 times stiffer than conventional baseplates.
  • UNIVIB (PLS-326)  – INOVA’s newest vibrator is a smaller, lighter and more mobile version of the AHV-IV vehicle, but with the same quality and reliability for generating source points.
  • Vib Pro and Vib Pro HD - Custom electronics, including the patented Harmonic Distortion Reduction (HDR™) technology, enable vibrators to generate more accurate sweeps, provide highly precise source signatures and allow crews to efficiently manage vibrator fleet operations.


World’s Most Flexible Recording Technologies

  • G3i HD Cabled Acquisition System – INOVA’s premier mega-channel recording system with fiber-optic baselines and advanced ground electronics, the G3i HD system supports up to 240,000 channels and can capture seismic data from simple 2D to complex, high density 3D surveys.
  • Hawk Autonomous Nodal System – For operators looking to acquire high-density seismic data in areas where cable-based systems are impractical, INOVA offers Hawk—the industry’s most flexible nodal recording system.


Best-in-Class Sensing Technologies

  • AccuSeis Digital Sensor - INOVA’s newest sensor for acquiring single component seismic data digitally. The sensor offers excellent operational advantages over competing technologies, especially suited for high-density imaging as the smallest and lightest digital sensor in the industry.
  • VectorSeis Digital Sensor - For imaging complex subsurface structures such as fractured shales, tight sands and other unconventional plays, INOVA’s VectorSeis multicomponent digital sensor leads the field in capturing the full seismic wavefield.