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Seismic Equipment Sales & Rentals

The challenges and complexity of mobilizing crews, equipment, and field support for land and transition zone seismic operations require local expertise to manage logistics efficiently and cost effectively. With offices strategically located in Beijing, Calgary, Dubai, Houston, and Moscow, INOVA offers knowledgeable representatives who understand the unique characteristics of local operating environments. When you need us, we will be there to get the job done! Contact your local representative.

INOVA Equipment Rental Services

INOVA provides a variety of recording systems and seismic acquisition equipment through our in-house rental services group. With the capacity to eliminate third-party service and support, INOVA offers clients immediate access to the engineering expertise of a local service team that fully understands the products they support. Our dedicated rental operations team tests each piece of equipment before it reaches the field so that out-of-the-box functionality translates into bottom-line productivity. The greatest advantage of INOVA’s rental offering is that clients can enjoy the inherent benefits of working directly with the manufacturer for training, service, and support while keeping overhead and capital expenditure within budget. This allows operators the flexibility to compete for tenders that may require additional equipment that is readily available through INOVA and backed by our service promise.

Seismic Equipment Rentals

INOVA offers the following equipment available from our rental locations worldwide:

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