Vib Pro


Vib Pro – Enhanced with Patented Harmonic Distortion Reduction Technology (HDR™ Technology)

INOVA’s rich history of innovation continues as our research and development team has recently commercialized and implemented new proprietary control algorithms, HDR Technology, in the Vib Pro controller. These enhancements significantly reduce harmonic distortion generated during vibroseis operations and provide improved linearity of the servo-valve control mechanism. The Vib Pro™ HDR Technology advantage:
  • Provides better vibrator control generating more fundamental force at the low end of the frequency spectrum in any environment
  • Harmonic energy is converted into useable fundamental force delivering a better signal-to-noise ratio
  • HDR Technology is included in the Vib Pro firmware to compensate for the nonlinear behavior of the main-stage servo-valve which contributes significant ripples and distortion in the even harmonics
  • When utilized with the Pelton DR Valve, HDR Technology is further optimized by dampening the earth/baseplate resonance which further improves the linearity and bandwidth of the vibrator’s servo-valve
  • Provides harmonic distortion reductions on all vibrator types

Vib Pro

With its field proven reliability and ability to generate accurate sweeps, whether operating in sand or hard surface environments, Vib Pro sets the industry standard for vibrator source controllers and remains the most common controller in the industry today.

Vib Pro's system architecture supports reliable, highly productive operations. Specific features of the system's architecture and telemetry system enable:

  • Accurate fundamental ground force control
  • Optional integrated GPS
  • Redundant storage of QC data eliminating missed sweep information
  • Contractors to manage multiple vibrator fleet operations
  • Parameters to be configured from the recording truck
Vib Pro enables seismic contractors to generate highly accurate source signatures demanded by oil & gas companies in order to deliver seismic images of the highest quality.