Vib Pro HD


Vib Pro HD – Clarity and Control. Perfectly in Sync.

INOVA's new Vib Pro HD vibroseis source controller continues the best-in-class broadband source generation established with the previous Vib Pro in addition to enhanced productivity features. The new Vib Pro HD, developed in partnership with Seismic Source Co., combines the latest technology hardware with INOVA's field proven source control software, including our patented Harmonic Distortion Reduction (HDR) technology, to create an industry leading source controller. With Vib Pro HD you’ll be equipped to deliver the highest quality broadband source energy and prepared to take on the most challenging high productivity vibroseis operation. 
  • Integrated Vibrator Source Signature (VSS) and Post Signature Script (PSS) data management and storage
  • Increased computing power for improved control resolution and force accuracy
  • Optimized low and high frequency control providing greater stability when used with INOVA’s vibroseis vehicles
  • Dynamic TDMA, collision-free radio communications for High Productivity Vibroseis (HPVS)

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