UNIVIB Vibrator

INOVA's newest vibrator, is designed for source operations in environmentally restricted or heavily urbanized areas generating lower ground pressure while still outputting frequencies down to 1 Hz. This lighter, smaller, and mobile vibrator is built with the same quality and reliability of our traditional, full-size AHV-IV vehicles. With a smaller vehicle footprint, the UNIVIB can navigate more freely through natural and man-made surroundings than larger vibrators. The UNIVIB includes a comprehensive selection of features including:
  • New vibrator buggy design for small to mid-range source acquisition
  • Up to 26,000 lbs of peak force
  • Frequency limit of 1 Hz to 400 Hz
  • Smaller footprint provides easier mobility through environmentally sensitive areas
  • Reinforced rectangular baseplate for improved ground coupling in comparison with I-beam configurations
  • Lower vehicle ground pressure to reduce environmental impact
  • A patented Pre-Loaded Stilt Structure (PLS) design to create a stronger, more reliable actuator that dramatically prolongs the life of parts
  • Fully integrated with INOVA’s Vib Pro™ source controller for greater control, timing and QC
  • Simplified infield maintenance and troubleshooting
  • High capacity hydraulic cooling