Shot Pro II


The Shot Pro II system provides reliable control over dynamite operations for seismic crews. The compact design is highly portable and easy to handle. The Shot Pro II system consists of a source controller (decoder) unit for each shooter, an encoder unit in the recording truck, and proprietary software.

  • Operational modes: encoder, decoder, master/slave repeater
  • Supports wire-line shooting
  • Compatible with RTI system architecture to ensure close coupling between shot timing and data recording
  • Compatible with Shot Pro, Advance II, and Vib Pro Encoders
  • Interfaces with most commercial VHF/UHF radios
  • Contains an integrated GPS for simplified infield navigation
  • Supports airgun operations for transition zone acquisition
  • Incorporates common mode protection from electrical impulses on the firing and uphole lines
  • Provides encrypted fire commands to prevent the firing of unselected units even when armed
  • Integrates QC features to ensure the accuracy of system timing including precise uphole geophone and cap line resistance test
  • Provides QC shot status message automatically transmitted to the recorder

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