AHV-IV Series


The AHV-IV Commander – New Products and Features

Our most recent advances in research and development have introduced several cutting-edge enhancements to the hydraulic system and baseplate implemented in the AHV-IV Commander (PLS 364). These enhancements are designed to improve vibrator performance, create better ground coupling, increase fundamental force, and reduce harmonic distortion. As the newest vibrator in our fleet, the Commander offers:
  • A more accurate weighted-sum estimate
  • Increased energy output
  • Broader frequency bandwidth
  • Greater source repeatability over a variety of terrains
  • Lower harmonic distortion

AHV-IV Series Vibrators - Overview

INOVA proudly represents the durable, low-maintenance AHV-IV family of vibrators with the latest advances in source technology implemented in the industry standard Articulated Hydrostatic Vehicle (AHV) design. INOVA offers a variety of configurations and a comprehensive selection of customizable options on our AHV-IV product line to accommodate variations in terrain, environment, or imaging requirements. Each AHV-IV model includes:
  • Interchangeable tire or track capacity on PLS 362 and 380 models
  • Simplified infield maintenance and troubleshooting
  • High capacity hydraulic cooling
  • Advanced reaction mass assembly
  • Limited hoses and fittings to simplify troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Certified roll-over protection
  • Lower center of gravity
  • Simplified operator controls
  • Articulated, oscillated steering
  • A patented Pre-Loaded Stilt Structure (PLS) design to create a stronger, more reliable actuator that dramatically prolongs the life of parts
INOVA offers three AHV-IV vibrator models to support source-driven, highly productive operations:
  • AHV-IV Commander (PLS 364) – The most advanced vibroseis technology complete with a newly designed stiffer baseplate and re-engineered hydraulic system delivering lower harmonic distortion and greater fundamental force
  • AHV-IV Renegade (PLS 380) – INOVA’s 80,000 lb peak force vibrator ideal for single-source fleet configurations ,such as Distance Separated Simultaneous Sweeping, or when surveys require greater peak force output in the 10 to 60 Hz range
  • AHV-IV (PLS 362) – The industry workhorse widely recognized and utilized on most surveys today