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Seismic Sources and Source Controllers

INOVA offers a complete portfolio of vibrators and source controllers that have been used worldwide for more than forty years and are compatible with all acquisition systems on the market today. Utilizing the INOVA line of source technology ensures greater control and more accurate timing while reducing maintenance related downtime in the field. Our field-proven sources and controllers are the industry standard and provide additional harmonic distortion reduction when the AHV-IV Commander and patented Vib Pro HDR Technology are employed.

AHV-IV Series and UNIVIB Vibrators

Providing a variety of configurations and a comprehensive selection of vibrators to accommodate any terrain or environment, our high quality vehicles are manufactured to support low maintenance, high productivity vibroseis operations. INOVA offers several options to meet imaging and operational requirements in the form of four different actuators (PLS-326, PLS-362, PLS-364, and PLS-380). Also available are customizable features such as a winter package for arctic environments and standard or heavy-duty tracks for loose impediment and icy conditions. Our complete line of vibrators includes:
  • UNIVIB (PLS-326) – INOVA’s newest 26,000 lb peak force small vibrator with the new PLS actuator is engineered with a smaller frame for easier mobility through environmentally sensitive areas
  • AHV-IV Commander (PLS-364) – INOVA's most advanced 61,800 lb peak force vibroseis technology complete with a newly designed stiffer baseplate and re-engineered hydraulic system delivering lower harmonic distortion and greater fundamental force over a broader bandwidth
  • AHV-IV Renegade (PLS-380) – INOVA’s 80,000 lb peak force vibrator is ideal for single-source fleet configurations - such as Distance Separated Simultaneous Sweeping - or when surveys require greater peak force output in 10 to 60 Hz range
  • AHV-IV (PLS-362) – the industry workhorse widely recognized and utilized on most surveys today

Source Controllers

INOVA supports source-driven vibroseis and dynamite operations with rugged encoders and decoders, GPS positioning and timing, and improved crew safety features as part of our controllers, Vib Pro™ and Shot Pro™ II. Both controllers are seamlessly integrated with our acquisition systems, G3i and Hawk, streamlining QC and enabling the observer to focus on one display for system and source productivity and quality. In addition, Vib Pro and Shot Pro II are available and compatible with all acquisition systems, vibrators, and detonators on the market.

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