Quantum by Innoseis. SEISMIC MADE SIMPLE.

The Quantum recording system is based on a wireless platform without radio infrastructure. Developed in collaboration with Innoseis, it is the lightest nodal unit in the market today.Quantum offers:
  • The lightest node available today – 650 grams incl. geophone spike
  • The longest runtime – Ultra-low power electronics allow provide a runtime greater than 50 days @ 24hrs.
  • High dynamic range – 127db
  • Integrated with iX1 – Operation management with our powerful and feature rich central software platform.

Quantum  allows operators to acquire high-density seismic data in areas where cable-based systems or radio infrastructure is cost prohibitive. Ideal for rough terrain and HSE constrained areas, Quantum efficiently mitigates risks associated with hauling and laying heavy cable and electronics and provides greater flexibility to meet high-density, 3D survey parameters. With its lightweight, portable design, Quantum provides operational flexibility by complementing cabled systems to serve as infill in difficult terrains or to enhance target image coverage in survey areas.

Quantum is integrated with iX1 providing a single front end software package for cable and/or cableless operations.


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