Hawk System Components


Central System

Central Station Computer (CSC) – The Hawk CSC is the observer’s console for in-field operations. It provides visibility into all deployed, cableless Hawk ground stations by downloading hardware status from a portable data collector.

Ground Equipment

Field Station Unit (FSU) – The Field Station Unit (FSU) is a versatile and rugged cableless field digitizer used in the Hawk recording system. Electronics are housed in an aluminum enclosure, validated using military test standards. The FSU can include up to 3 analog channels in addition to a 3 component digital VectorSeis sensor interface providing an array of channel and deployment configuration options with a single set of ground equipment.

External Power Pack – Purpose-built lithium ion battery packs with optional 192 WHr or 288 WHr capacity.

Staging Equipment

Transcriber – The Transcriber is a complete data archive and QC computer that includes 5.5 TB RAID storage or greater. It is constructed of Solid State Drives (SSDs) for data storage and eSATA interface for writing data to delivery media. The Transcriber includes inventory management of ground electronics and data as well as geophysical QC functions.

Navigation and Deployment -Connex (Optional)

Connex Hub – The Connex Hub is an operational planning system that integrates spatial data and survey design to streamline in-field workflows and reduce HSE risk. The Hub integrates with crew operations through the Connex FieldTool and Connex Vib for personnel and vehicles respectively, to provide navigation, safe routing, reporting, and QC throughout the survey.

FieldTool – The FieldTool is used by crews for navigation during deployment, production, QC, and pickup. In addition to providing safe routing through hazard and exclusion zones, the NavTool provides field work instructions to the crew and accumulates operational attributes for report generation. With the new RTK grade GPS positioning option available in the SmartPack, crews will benefit from industry standard survey accuracy during stakeless survey operations.

Connex Vib – The Connex Vib is a user-friendly standalone system that provides navigation and positioning of vibroseis vehicles with capabilities of integrated stakeless operations. Connex Vib provides safe vehicle routing, based on permit status, hazard awareness and exclusions. The Connex Vib navigation system can record GPS coordinates, sweep start times, post sweep (PSS) attributes such as force, phase, distortion, stiffness, viscosity, and vibrator source signature (VSS) data. The vibrator navigation’s intra-fleet communications architecture transmits immediate Fleet Ready messages for improved operational efficiencies.

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