Connex™ Operational Management System

The Hawk cableless acquisition systems can be used with the proprietary field operations management tool, Connex. Designed to efficiently streamline field processes that include survey design, navigation, planning, QC, and operational analysis, Connex provides intuitive and user-friendly software applications and rugged handheld field devices to optimize crew productivity throughout the acquisition lifecycle.

Connex includes:

  • Connex Hub application runs on a Microsoft® Windows® platform that includes field operations planning capability, synchronization with FieldTool and Connex Vib field equipment, operations QC, and reporting
  • Handheld and vehicle-based field devices used during stakeless surveying, equipment deployment and retrieval, vibroseis operations, and dynamite operations, including shot-hole drilling.

Field devices include:

  • Compass and alignment pole for planting 3C VectorSeis sensors
  • Connex Vib in-cab computer and display for vibroseis navigation and fleet management
  • Connex FieldTool for equipment deployment and retrieval and infield troubleshooting
  • Connex FieldTool SmartPack for up to RTK grade stakeless surveying and navigation

Features and Benefits of Connex:

  • Integrated surveying
    • Enabled by the industry standard ESRI GIS platform implemented in Connex Hub. Provides spatial data displays and combines seismic survey (vector) data with topographic, cultural, environmental, and infrastructure information of raster formats (such as LiDAR) to provide project-aware navigation and field crew work instructions
  • Ensured data integrity
    • Operators receive actual placement of equipment and vehicles based on tight integration of handheld tools with the survey design. The data is recorded directly in trace headers or via source locations integrated with the central recorder in real-time
  • Improved operational planning
    • Integration with in-field navigation equipment allows daily planning changes to be implemented by field crew
  • Efficient survey analysis and QC
    • Detailed and flexible reports are available based on field production information (e.g. number of stations deployed by field crew, number of shots recorded, time between stations). QC plots can also be generated based on a wide range of attributes such as positioning accuracy, sensor orientation, battery power, signal strength. Hard copy options are available for all reports, including the ability to generate printed maps used by the crew
    • Allows instant or post-mission analysis of crew and system performance

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