G3i HD Transition Zone Equipment


Land Recording Equipment for Transition Zone Acquisition

G3i HD offers the latest cable transition zone (TZ) acquisition system available on the market and is capable of recording 2D and 3D seismic in water depths up to 75 m. G3i HD TZ uses rugged aluminum enclosures and marine case sleeves designed for rough handling and difficult operations in transition zones and shallow water environments. Developed on the success of Aries II TZ technology, G3i HD TZ offers reliability and flexibility for operators. Seismic crews can deploy G3i HD on land and extend seamlessly into rivers, lakes, and surf or tidal zones.

G3i HD TZ:

A complete TZ package that includes TZ RAMs (Remote Acquisition Modules), TZ FTUs (Fiber Tap Units), TZ PSUs (Power Supply Units), and a purpose designed TZ Battery packaged for use in marine environments. G3i HD TZ supports a mix of hydrophone, geophone or dual sensors on the same survey. RAMs used for land applications can be easily outfitted in watertight marine sleeves allowing re-use of existing ground electronics with additional benefits:

  • Offers state-of-the-art solution for ocean and freshwater 2D and 3D TZ projects in water depths to 75 m
  • Protects the land ground electronics and dedicated TZ units from saltwater corrosion and water pressure
  • Provides the necessary weight to withstand turbulence and drifting from strong currents in rivers, lakes, and ocean shallows
  • Includes rugged, aluminum connectors designed to endure the torsion, bending, and compression stresses of equipment deployment and retrieval

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