Analog System Components

G3i Landscape

Central Recording System
SPM Lite
RAM Unit
FTU Unit

Central Systems

Central Recording System (CRS) – The CRS includes the Seismic Processing Module (SPM), which is a multiprocessor PC with custom line interface cards and up to four monitors.The system offers three seismic processing modules (SPM) to accommodate a variety of survey parameters for any type of operation.

SPM Extended PCIe – Offered with extended capabilities that is perfect for most acquisition surveys with system capacity to support up to 240,000 channels.

SPM Standard PCIe – Built with high end multi-core processing technology targeted to support over 120,000 channel counts for high density advanced vibroseis 3D operations.

SPM Lite – The SPM Lite is a lightweight and portable substitute for the standard SPM. It supports seismic operations up to 2,000 channels real-time at 2 ms sampling.

Ground Equipment

Remote Acquisition Module – The compact, four channel RAM is a self-contained unit functioning to acquire analog seismic data from geophones and transmit the data digitally to the central equipment.

Fiber Tap Unit – A self-contained unit that interconnects base line cable from the recording truck to multiple receiver lines. Integrated with four analog channels, it acquires analog seismic data from the geophones and retransmits data from the RAMs to the central recording equipment, as well as providing power to the RAMs through built in power supplies.

Power Supply Unit – A self-contained unit designed with four analog channels and hot-swappable dual battery ports that sends power-down-the-line (PDL) for up to 22 RAMS and eliminates the need for a battery on each RAM.

Cables – The cables provide the highest strength-to-weight ratio in the industry. The cable has over 273 Kg tensile strength per Kg weight which is lighter and stronger per Kg of cable weight than other cables offered in the market.

Testers and Chargers

Network Tester Unit – The Network Test Unit (NTU) is a portable, self-contained, battery-powered unit that executes functional test applications for the line equipment independent of the Central Recording System.

LED Cable Tester – The LED Cable Tester is an easy-to-use, handheld testing tool that provides a simple way to check the continuity of any of the conductors in a cable.