G3i HD - All Terrain. All Powerful. All You Asked For.


New Features and Enhancements

INOVA introduces the all-new G3i HD, the toughest, most flexible cable-based recording system available today. Built on a field-proven cabled architecture, the system helps E&P companies and seismic contractors overcome their operational challenges whether they are conducting the simplest or the most demanding acquisition programs across the globe. 

Using fiber optic baselines, the system capacity supports up to 240,000 channels in real-time for complex, large channel count surveys, while power-down-the-line functionality reduces field station battery dependency, and offers a significant reduction in the amount of equipment required during deployment. G3i HD supports geophones with custom-designed analog ground electronics while the digital ground electronics support AccuSeis 1C and VectorSeis 3C digital sensors.  The Hawk autonomous nodal system is integrated with G3i HD to provide operators the complete solution for mixing cabled and cableless systems within the spread. In addition, the G3i HD system continues to deliver the operational flexibility needed to manage:

  • Efficient 2D, high-density 3D, or time-lapse 4D seismic programs
  • Source-driven high productivity vibroseis (HPVS) operations with continuous recording capabilities and integration of INOVA source controllers
  • Time distance rules (dynamic slip sweep), swath data management, and multi-path redundancy
  • Hybrid cabled and cableless system recording
  • Dynamite, vibroseis, and air gun operations 
  • Obstacle-ridden terrains with G3i NetLink™ by providing a wireless communication path to span two sections of the spread when direct connectivity is impossible
  • Wireline shooting in areas with poor radio connectivity such as mountainous terrain or thick jungles and rainforests by utilizing the Shot Pro II Remote Encoder™

G3i HD

The recording system features an all-inclusive, repairable system that is designed with self-contained ground electronics and intuitive diagnostic capabilities to easily trace hardware problems back to each channel—resulting in minimal system downtime for maintenance and the lowest cost of ownership for any high capacity, cable-based recording system in the industry.

  • All Terrain – Ruggedized ground electronics manufactured from high-strength polycarbonates, aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel, supports operations in extreme environments including transition zones (TZ), deserts, frozen tundra, jungle canopy, and mountainous regions.
  • All Powerful – High channel capacity ensures successful acquisition for the largest and most demanding surveys utilizing high speed multi-core processing technology, low power consumption attributes, and integrated power-down-the-line capability.
  • All You Asked For – The flexible architecture of G3i HD provides a single system platform with standardized field equipment and multiple central recording system options to meet the unique challenges of every survey while maintaining optimal operational efficiency.