ARIES II Transition Zone Equipment


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Land Recording Equipment for Transition Zone Acquisition

ARIES II is the industry’s only land acquisition system capable of recording 2D and 3D seismic in water depths up to 75 m utilizing the same onshore ground electronics for transition zone (TZ) operations. The flexible design allows operators to maximize their investment in land recording equipment by offering a reliable solution to accommodate acquisition in salt and fresh water environments. For more than 10 years, ARIES TZ technology has supported crews working in a variety of marine ecosystems such as the coral reefs offshore Egypt, off the coast of Brazil, in the strong currents of Malaysia and Indonesia, in the mangroves of India and Bangladesh, and in the frigid waters offshore Canada.


Complete with an intuitive user interface, Kevlar-strength waterproof cables, and support for mixed-mode dynamite/airgun and hydrophone/geophone operations, the ARIES II TZ option provides the durability crews depend on in complex transition zone environments. In addition, the dual-purpose system offers a seamless land to transition zone solution by incorporating a patented, watertight marine case that:

  • Protects the land ground electronics and TZ batteries from saltwater corrosion and water pressure
  • Provides the necessary weight to withstand turbulence and drifting from strong currents in rivers, lakes, and ocean shallows
  • Offers watertight seals and replaceable sacrificial anodes to alleviate the effects of saltwater corrosion on cable connectors and watertight seals
  • Includes rugged, stainless steel connectors designed to endure the torsion, bending, and compression stresses of equipment deployment and retrieval