ARIES II System Components

Central System
ARIES Spread Tester
RAM Unit

Central Systems

Central Recording Unit (CRU) – The ARIES II CRU includes the ARIES II Seismic Processing Module (SPM), which is a multiprocessor PC with custom line interface cards and up to four monitors. It is designed to record, process, QC, and output data from 24,000 channels real-time at 2 ms sampling. Optional components include tape drives, plotters, and eSATA disks.

ARIES II SPM Lite – The ARIES II SPM Lite is a lightweight and portable substitute for the standard ARIES II SPM. It supports seismic operations up to 6,000 channels real-time at 2 ms sampling.

Ground Equipment

RAM – The Remote Acquisition Module (RAM) is a self-contained unit functioning to acquire analog seismic data from geophones and transmit the data digitally to the central equipment.

Line Tap Unit – The Line Tap Unit (LTU) is a self-contained unit that interconnects base line cable from the recording truck to multiple receiver lines. Incorporating eight ARIES II channels, it functions to acquire analog seismic data from the geophones and to retransmit data from the RAMs to the central recording equipment.

Marine Case – The marine case allows deployment of ARIES land equipment to water depths up to 75 m. The proprietary marine case is a water-tight ‘housing’ that protects the battery and RAM or LTU from corrosive saltwater damage.

Cables – ARIES cables boast the highest strength-to-weight ratio in the industry. The ARIES II cable has over 50 Kg tensile strength per Kg weight (per 100 m). That's lighter and more than twice as strong, per Kg of cable weight, as any competitor's cable on the market.

Batteries – ARIES battery packs provide a 24-volt DC power source with 100 to 120 hours of continuous use under normal seismic conditions.

NetLink™ – The ARAM NetLink is used between any two pieces of line equipment such as a RAM or a LTU to provide radio communication when survey obstacles are a challenge.

Testers and Chargers

Network Tester – The new ARIES Network Test Unit (ANTU) is a self-contained battery-powered unit, providing functional test applications for the ARIES line equipment independent of the ARIES Central System.

LED Cable Tester – The new ARIES LED Cable Tester is an easy-to-use, handheld testing tool that provides a simple way to check the continuity of any of the conductors in an ARIES cable.

Smart Charger – The ARIES Smart Charger handles up to ten ARIES batteries, SLA, or Lithium Ion, simultaneously, via an RS232 connected PC it can provide comprehensive battery health reports.

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