ARIES II - Rugged. Reliable. Real.


New Features and Enhancements

Capitalizing on years of research, development, and field experience, INOVA’s ARIES II is one of the most rugged and reliable cable-based seismic acquisition systems on the market for onshore and shallow transition zone programs.

The ARIES II system also provides continuous recording functionality for microseismic operations. ARIES II supports high channel count, source-driven acquisitions, making it an ideal choice for the robust, image-driven surveys that are particularly important in various parts of North America, Africa, and the Middle East. Coupled with Vib Pro with HDR Technology, ARIES II efficiently meets the operational demands of today’s mega-channel super crews. In addition, the ARIES II system continues to deliver the operational flexibility to efficiently manage:

  • Efficient 2D, high-density 3D, or time-lapse 4D seismic programs
  • Mixed-mode acquisition for vibroseis, dynamite, and/or airgun operations
  • Mixed-receiver mode for hydrophones, geophones, or multicomponent analog sensors
  • A variety of operating environments including transition zone, Arctic, desert, swamp and mangrove, grassland, or mountainous terrain


INOVA’s ARIES II is the most rugged and reliable cable-based seismic acquisition system on the market for onshore and transition zone seismic. With the fiber optic base line, ARIES II has the capacity to accommodate 50,000 channels at 2 ms sample rate to support dense 3D surveys while providing out-of-the-box simplicity, imperative for rapid 2D acquisition.

  • Rugged – ground electronics are manufactured from bullet-proof polycarbonates, aircraft grade aluminum, and stainless steel
  • Reliable – ARIES II is designed to maximize return on investment by reducing equipment related downtime and minimizing the impact of harsh environmental and operational conditions
  • Real – Patchview, a concept from users brought to life through innovation, enables intuitive, real-time, visual QC of more than 10,000 traces with 100% accuracy based on user-defined geophysical parameters for ambient noise, signal RMS, signal-to-noise ratio, and adjacent trace RMS comparison
  • Efficient – simplified network telemetry provides automatic network load balancing and transmission speed detection to streamline operations and route data in the most efficient manner possible