Board of Directors

As an independent company, INOVA has a governance structure that includes a seven-member Board of Directors. Among other things, the joint venture board reviews and approves INOVA’s five-year strategic plan and one-year operating plan and also appoints and evaluates members of the INOVA executive team. By agreement, the INOVA board is comprised of four members appointed by BGP and three members appointed by ION.

Mr. Meng Qiang – Director of Enterprise Management and Legal Affairs Department, BGP

  • Mr. Yu Gang - Senior Technical Adviser to the President, BGP
  • Mr. Yang Maojun - Director of Equipment Services Division, BGP
  • Mr. Zeng Qingping - Director of Technology and IT Department and former President of BGP International from 2009 to 2016, BGP
  • Mr. Mike Morrison - Vice President Finance and Treasury, ION
  • Ms. Jamey Seely – Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, ION 
  • Mr. Chris Usher - Vice Chairman of the Board and Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer E&P Operations Optimization, ION

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